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Each Architect registrant is required to renew their registration annually no later than June 30th. Renewals for each fiscal year commence with notifications sent electronically no later than June 1 of each year to each architect registered in West Virginia at their last known email address reported to the board. Renewals can be accomplished online by logging into the "Registrant Login" section of this website. The PIN number utilized is the last four digits of the architect's Social Security Number. If desired, an architect can obtain a paper renewal form from the "Resources/Forms" tab on this website, or by requesting a mailed copy directly from the board office.

Late Renewal

An architect who has not renewed their registration by June 30th of each year will, for the following twelve months, be subject to the Late Renewal process.


An Architect is required to renew their registration every year no later than June 30th. An architect whose registration has lapsed in excess of twelve months but not longer than five years and wishes to reacquire their registration must use the reinstatement process. The following information is required to be submitted to the board for consideration of reinstatement of registration:

  • The application for reinstatement, which must be completed, signed, and dated. This application is available on our website under the "Resources/Forms" tab.
  • Log forms and supporting information which document the completion of the required number of continuing education units in public protection subjects for each of the last two renewal periods. A log form is available on our website under the "Resources/Forms" tab.
  • A written letter to the board stating that the applicant has not practiced architecture as defined by the WV Code and Rule during the period of lapsed registration.
  • Upon notice of tentative approval by the board, the applicant shall remit the reinstatement fee. Fees can be found on this website under the "Registration & Renewal /Fee Schedule" tab.

Upon receipt of the reinstatement fee, the applicant will be notified that reinstatement of their registration has been granted. This registration will remain active until June 30th of the following year.

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